REF CVR-3 Body Armour

Male CVR-3

CVR-3 Ride Armour is a durable, lightweight blend of metal alloys and ceramics. It is a standard item issued to all Cyclone riders and Veritech pilots. In addition to its mega-damage protection and self-sustained environmental capabilities (it's just like a spacesuit when the helmet is sealed), the body armour is an integral part of the Cyclone Veritech system. The body armour is designed with special connectors and braces where the cyclone attaches itself to its battloid operator. Without the body armour, the VR-motorcycle cannot convert into battloid mode. That means a pilot with no CVR03 body armour can not use the battloid aspect of the mecha until he/she finds some CVR-3 armour. Southern Cross or old RDF armour cannot be substituted. Until the CVR-3 body armour is obtained, the person can only use the cyclone as a souped-up combat motorcycle.

All CVR-3 body armours have the following characteristics;

  • Laser resistant
  • Complete Environmental Battle Armour (E.B.A.) suitable for use in space and other hostile environments
  • Computer controlled life support system
  • Internal cooling and temperature control
  • Humidifier
  • Gas filtering and artificial circulation
  • Independant oxygen supply and purge system which automatically engages in low oxygen or polluted environments. Eight hour oxygen supply, maximum.
  • Insulated, high temperature resistant weave of nylon, synthetic fibers, and metal mesh
  • Fire resistant up to 300 degrees centigrade. Normal fires do no damage, but plasma and nuclear fires have full effect
  • Radiation shielded
  • Helmet with removable face plate
  • Directional, short range radio built into the helmet. Range is 4 miles (6.4km)
  • Tinted, light sensitive visor
  • utility belt/holster
Female CVR-3